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A friend of mine at Google told me "don't put energy into 'being the one' with a brand new idea - you need to make a good idea actually happen". In times like this, I was trying to find a way to participate in tangible activism as a member of the artistic community. I wanted to create a space where "art meets activism". In the spirit of continuing/adding on to the seasonal quality of the event, I wanted this showcase to embody each season, the fruits that bloom for us during each quarter of the year, the fertile seeds produced because of it, and the appreciation for the feminine spirit we could all use in times like now where women's rights, health, and ideas are being threatened.


I heavily curate this show to be exactly what it should be: artists who can produce work that yields action. I am fiercely dedicated to the female-identified community, and this is my humble way of "planting seeds" of activism. Every element of this event can be seen as a seed of action: the food and drinks provide nourishment during dialogue, the music births organic movement, the artists produce creative ideas through storytelling, and the audience provides the energy needed to create accessible change. I will be keeping the showcase to a small but incredibly empowering cast, and it's my desire to invite you to be a part of this collective, the Wise Fruit family. I hope you will join my hands in creating this kind of dialogue in our very own artistic community.





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NowThis Her coverage of WISE FRUIT 6.0!

D A N C E   M A G A Z I N E

Kelsey Grills

"Wise Fruit 5.0 underscored how necessary it is bare our souls for the health care our bodies deserve. Dance, a fluid merger of body and soul, acts a a vehicle to express our mental and physical selves and how these two can not be disentwined.  Art exists so we can breathe, we can fight, we can thrive."

-Rachel Goddard, 5.0 Speaker, Volunteer PPNYC


Trina Basu

Brinda is activating a compassionate community of dancers, musicians and artists who want to make positive change in the world. 


Wise Fruit NYC is a brilliant space where creativity, collaboration and urgency for social and political action come together in beautiful harmony. 


Barkha Patel

I had a phenomenal experience performing for Wise Fruit! Through collaborating with diverse performance artists, Brinda has mindfully created an event that really sets the tone of creating awareness on necessary social issues and more!


Nicole Ashley Morris

Wise Fruit allows for every being (performer or viewer) to be fully enveloped into an experience of warmth, love, and acceptance. Being fully fueled by passion, Wise Fruit continues to break into conversations of importance and barriers that simply speaking cannot always break through. My participation as a performer or viewer is always cracked open a bit more and I think the world needs more spaces of conversation and connection like this. 

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